(last update September 23 2019)
This page holds publications of Ingenieurbuero Erckert. These publications are mainly intended for learning the circuit basics. They do not hold real designs that are in production. The circuits shown should be regarded as tutorial examples (although I think they might in fact work if they are implemented on silicon. But they were not tested with a PDK of a specific technology). Most of the documents are pdf-files.

* my own book
   Some friends asked me to write a book about circuit design. Work in progress. (Last update 2019)

* technology.pdf (222040 bytes)
   Cross Sections of circuit components and their associated parasitic elements (published 2008)

* OP_part1.pdf (231489 bytes)
   The most simple OPAMP circuit I know. Nice to learn some basics (published 2019)

* OP_part2.pdf (227998 bytes)
   The most simple OPAMP circuit for low voltage, ground compatible input. (published 2019)

* OP_part3.pdf (194966 bytes)
   This document describes how to use the folded cascode input stage to create a rail to rail opamp. It does not yet hold a description how to build the output stage. The output stage will be provided by the next post. (published 2019)

* OP_part4.pdf (371185 bytes)
   This document describes how to build a rail to rail output stage and how to attach it to the rail to rail input stage discussed in OP_part3.pdf. (published 2019)

* OP_part5.pdf (172992 bytes)
   How a chopper stabilized OPAMP works. (published 2019)

* OP_part6.pdf (324234 bytes)
   Auto zero amplifiers and the limits imposed by the Seebeck effect. (published 2019)

* comparators_part1.pdf (353821 bytes)
   Basics of building comparators for continuous time applications. (published 2019)

* comparators_part2.pdf (217204 bytes)
   Calculation of the propagation delay of a single stage comparator. (published 2019)

* comparators_part3.pdf (270835 bytes)
   Clocked comparators avoid part of the propagation delays of continuous time designs. This paper shows some basic circuits. (published 2019)

* comparators_part4.pdf (167975 bytes)
   Circuits required to interface asynchronous signals with synchronous logic. (published 2019)

* relaxation_oscillators.pdf (366027 bytes)
   Relaxation oscillators used for low precision clock signals. (published 2019)

* reference_generators_part1.pdf (353209 bytes)
   Widlar bandgap and Brokow bandgap. (published 2019)

* reference_generators_part2.pdf (279996 bytes)
   Bandgaps using vertical PNP transistors used in CMOS technologies. (published 2019)

* reference_generators_part3.pdf (192523 bytes)
   Bandgaps using CMOS transistors operating in weak inversion. (published 2019)

* system_part1.pdf (236627 bytes)
   Supply considerations for system on a chip and system in a package. (published 2019)

* therm.pdf (2002) (104701 bytes)
    Thermal considderations designing power ICs (published 2002)

* howto_1.pdf (34235 byte)
       Description how to measure pulse amplitudes with high accuracy (published 2002)

* Vreg_spec.pdf (104541 byte)
       Voltage regulators are high precision components although the specifications look very unexciting.  This presentation shows what considderations are behind these "unexciting" numbers. (published 2003)

* reset_parameters.pdf (25774 bytes)
        This document describes the meaning of parameters used to describe the reset thresholds of voltage regulators with reset. (published 2004)