Designs carried out by Ricardo Erckert

Industrial ICs

- Switchmode power supply (step up)
- Resonant mode power supply
- EIB (European Installation Bus) modem
- Stepper motor driver
- Designs on transistor arrays
- Low power 20MHz oscillator
- GaN power transistor driver

Automotive ICs

- Linear voltage regulators
- Door Module
- stepper motor driver
- System on a chip (Microncontroller incl. 40V IOs, CAN, LIN)
- Switchmode power supplies (buk, boost)
- LED-driver
- Multi chip power driver (10m Ohm) and protection
- Radar power supply
- LIN, CAN, Flexray physical layer
- 125 KHz linear power amplifier for keyless entry
- RF receiver for galvanic seperation

Communication ICs

- Disk drive regulator


- Inductive proximity switch
- HAL current measurement (50mA to 1000A)
- Piezzo sensor read out

(Last update May 11 2017)