My current book project

(last update December 28 2022)
For a long time I kept records of my projects as simpe text files following the idea that a simple ASCII file can be read on any system independent of software. Well, I learned I have to add pictures, equations, measurement results...
The next stage was writing some documentation using Libre Office and MS Word. But with growing file size the number of system crashes went up.
Then I discovered TECH and its nice Lyx front end. This works MUCH better and more stable than any of these office programs. But since most people want to have something nicely formated I time after time make pdf exports.
The book is work in progres. Still a long way to go. But at least I can offer some pages. The content of these pages is random. But if you want to see a snap shot simply click at the following link. Have fun.

* book_2022.pdf
   randomly changing pages of my book