Profile of Ingenieurbuero Erckert


1993 as a software company. 2001 semiconductor design has become the mayor field of business.


Dipl. Ing. Ricardo Erckert

Size of the Company

Currently (2009) Ingenieurbuero Erckert is a 2-person-company. Of course we are able to assemble bigger teams with additional expertise cooperating with contractors in the munich area.

Typical Projects (since 2001)

    * ASIC design, full custom design
    * Analog and mixed signal in bipolar, CMOS and BiCMOS technologies
    * circuit design, layout, verification
    * Thermal design of power ICs
    * Design of integrated circuit applications
    * Bench evaluation of integrated circuits

What is specific of Ingenieurbuero Erckert ?

Ingenieurbuero Erckert offers a wide range of design know how ranging from general physics needed for electrical sensors to the details of the implementation of analog or mixed signal systems on single chip or multiple chips.
We are experienced in working and also leading project teams with members comming from different companies and having a wide spread of technical back grounds.
Erckert engineering offers own hardware and software resources ranging from PCs to sophisticated lab equipment. With these hardware (and software) resources Erckert engineering is able to run concept development and sample evaluation at their own facilities.
If required for software compatibility (mainly transistor level design on customer owned technologies) we also are experienced in working remotely via VPN (virtual private network) to the customer's development site using exactly the same software setup at the customer's design team.
In some cases customers require us using encrypted PCs (owned and controled by the customer) for data security reasons. We are used to work under those conditions as well giving such encrypted machines network access (VPN from the encrypted PC via our router directly to the customer's gate way).
Tell us you specific requirements for a cooperation. We will find a way to do it.