You Have Traveled a Long Way. Now You are Hungry and Tired..

(Last updated Sept. 04)

We can recommend the following hotels and restaurants:

Bad Aibling:

Bad Aibling is a small town about 65km east of munich. Nearest freeway access is A8, 6km south of Bad Aibling.

Hotel Lindner
Marienplatz 5
83043 Bad Aibling
+49 8061 9363-0

Excellent kitchen and service. We didn't try the hotel, but we assume the quality is good too. Eating there is a bit expensive but worth the money. No idea what the rooms cost.

Hotel Lindl-Hof
Harthauser Strasse 35
83043 Bad Aibling
+49 8061 49008-0

OK. Advantage: right across the street. Disadvantage: The greek restaurant is a bit noisy. If you are awake until late in the evening anyway this is a good place to sleep. Prices used to be OK but I didn't check for two years.

Restaurant Herrmannsdorfer
Kirchzeile 18
83043 Bad Aibling
+49 8061 938799

Simple recipies with first quality materials. You can breakfast, have lunch or supper as you like. They also sell good food (cheese, bread, meat, saussages..). We recommend trying their beer.

Trattoria Da Santino
Rosenheimer Strasse 1
83043 Bad Aibling
+49 8061 341955

Italian kitchen. Very nice. But better make a reservation. This place is quite small.

Cafe Rott
Muenchner Strasse 3a
83043 Bad Aibling
+49 8061 2688

A bit old fashioned but the cakes are excellent.

Eis Boutique Venezia
Bahnhofstrasse ?
83043 Bad Aibling

The best ice cream we know and espresso.


Frassdorf is about 30km east of Bad Aibling close to the Autobahn

Landgasthof Karner

Excellent restaurant. Probably living there (they have rooms) is good too, but we didn't try it yet


Tuntenhausen is a bit away from the freeway (20km north from A8 Exit Bad Aibling). But the restaurant there is worth adding it to the list.

Landhaus Kalteis
Center of the little village Tuntenhausen
+49 8067 9080-0

The house is divided in the kind of inn the farmers like (nevertheless they serve good food) and a fine restaurant called 'Salettl'. If you want a straight forward dish choose the normal restaurant. If you have 2..3 houres time to enjoy a full menue choose the 'Salettl'. For the 'Salettl' we suggest to have a reservation.


Krottenmuehl is about 15km away from the freeway Salzburg-Munich. Nevertheless in summer visiting this place is recommended due to the fine view over lake Simssee. And the fish you get there is worth the way too.

Seestrasse 22
83139 Krottenmuehl
+49 8053 2790