Trainings for IC design

(last update October 28 2017)

* general physics
   not our page, but one of our favourites!

* my own book
   Some friends asked me to write a book about circuit design. Work in progress.

* technology.pdf (222040 bytes)
   Cross Sections of circuit components and their associated parasitic elements

* therm.pdf (104701 bytes)
    Thermal considderations designing power ICs

* howto_1.pdf (34235 byte)
       Description how to measure pulse amplitudes with high accuracy

* Vreg_spec.pdf (104541 byte)
       Voltage regulators are high precision components although the specifications look very unexciting.  This presentation shows what considderations are behind these "unexciting" numbers.

* reset_parameters.pdf (25774 bytes)
        This document describes the meaning of parameters used to describe the reset thresholds of voltage regulators with reset.

* circuit_ideas
    Some basic circuits used in integrated circuit design

* about_cryptography
    Not our page but a nice page for learning