lecroy2g.zip:       Conversion of comma separated numbers to tabulator separated numbers
                    to make LeCroy oscilloscope ASCII output plottable with GNUPLOT.
                    Executable was compiled with gcc 2.3.3 for OS2.

tsim.zip:    Simulates temperature distribution on power ICs.
                    Makes heavy use of OS2 operating system procedures for displaying. Never
                    had the time to convert it to UNIX or linux.
                    Executable was compiled with gcc 2.3.3 for OS2.
                    Size: 1149117 bytes.

OS/2 on virtual machine

Since OS/2 is not too commonly used anymore here is how we keep it alive:
The windows operating system family still is incapable of booting from a logical disk (what a shame). It still must sit in the first primary partition. Since XP has become about 2.6G large the first logical partition in which OS/2 can be installes starts at typically 3G. OS/2 warp does not boot anymore when the partition it is installed in starts above 1G.
To solve this problem we are using a virtual machine software of Innotek. The virtual machine runs under windows XP. To install the operating system we used the normal installation routine of a floppy disk installation.
Tricks: we had to save the system status and exit the virtual machine every time before inserting the next floppy. (Looks like the virtual machine otherwise did not reliably detect a change of floppies.)