Basic Circuits used in Integrated CircuitDesign

(Published Nov. 2003, Last update Feb. 26 2009)

This page is intended to give circuit design novices a hand full of basic circuits. Besides that this page holds the preliminary release of a book I am currently working on.

Supply and Biasing

General considderations supplying integrated circuits
Current generator with MOS transistors
Current mirrors with bipolar transistors
Tunable resistor reference with MOS transistors
Chargepumpswith MOS transistors

Inputs and Outputs

Transient and Overvoltage Protection of I/Os



Clock and Timing generation


Random Generation

analog and digital random generating circuits

Switching Analog Signals

Current switching circuits
Voltage switching circuits

Trigger, Comparators, Receivers, Interfaces

Trigger circuits using bipolar transistors
Trigger circuits with MOS transistors
Precision trigger circuits
Level shift circuits for digital signals

Analog to Digital Conversion

Analog to Digital Conversion
Digital to Analog Conversion

Power Drivers


Electrical Models of Complex Loads

Load models


Airbag systems